You Were Born To Succeed!

Simple statement. Powerful truth! Yet, most people fail to reach even a fraction of their true worth or potential. When it comes to greatness, all people are born equal. The Greatest Impact is systematic approach to helping you live a life of fullest potential in your business, ministry, finances, and relationships.

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Impact Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you should be filled with vision, wisdom, and empowering strategy. The question is where are these today? Almost all conventional teaching and training leads us in the direction of specializing in niche's as the means to success. This does not make sense to us, because it means that you limit your potential to only a fraction (a niche) of the whole. As such we adopt a "Whole person made whole" approach to success and mentoring in which we aim to help the whole person in business, relationships, finance, wellness, and much more.

"The Greatest Impact was founded by Guy Morrell-Stinson a vision to help people around the world to live lives of greater impact for the mutual benefit of all.


Essential Reading

Guy Morrell-Stinson has authored several
books ranging from human potential to
leadership development and understanding
the structure and healing of the soul.

Guy is an explorer of life with a deep interest in
why some people succeed while others fail.

These books offered essential reading for anyone
who is committed to achieving success authentically.

Available for purchase Soul Fractures | The Greatest Impact

Leadership Development & Mentoring

"The primary paradigm that we are taught is to compete for success. How often have we heard "Let the best man win"? War's, genocides, conquests and endless unhappiness are an extension of the competitive paradigm. What if we turned the competitive paradigm around so that instead of conquest and destruction we enjoy the mutual benefit of collaboration and destruction-free prosperity? What if we learned to be successful without the need to lie, cheat, hype, kill and steal?"
- Guy Morrell-Stinson

The The is the doorway to the teaching and training formulated by Guy Morrell-Stinson. This is a result of a life-time of questioning why we humans are so destructive and why we keep committing financial messes, why we keep failing at business, ending up in divorce, physically sick and much more. If you are tired of failure and struggle and understand the need for a new paradigm, and want to live a life of authority as a leader of integrity, the Greatest Impact may be for you.

Services Offered

Individual Mentoring | Group Training | Leadership Development | Entrepreneurial Development

Start Your Own Business!

"I have a strong belief in the spirit of an entrepreneur. There is no greater means to change the world or live a life of greatest impact than to be an entrepreneur with a vision to make real difference."
- Guy Morrell-Stinson

Services Offered

Entrepreneurial Coaching | Mentoring | Online Training

It is time to...

Unlock The Brilliance You Were Born With!

You have incredible potential with only one life to live. The seconds are ticking. The days are passing. It is time to live your life of Greatest Impact, by adopting the ultimate principles of living a life of greatest potential and success.

Some Crazy Statistics Not To Live By...

Is this what your success looks like?


In 2011, 1.5 million, or 53.6% of college grads under age 25 were out of work or underemployed.1

62% of recent college graduates work in jobs that require a degree, yet only 27% work in a job that even relates to their major.2
Class of 2015 has the most student debt in U.S. history amounting to $35,051 debt on average (Mark Kantrowitz of


Over 40% of US families spend more than they earn.4

96% of all Americans will be financially dependent on the government, family, or charity at retirement.4
Roughly 2 2.5 million Americans seek the help of a credit counselor each year to avoid bankruptcy.5
National Debt Tops $18 Trillion. You owe $154,161!6


850 million people suffer from hunger and malnutrition.7

26,258,084 - he number of foreclosure filings from 2000 to 2014.8
57% of men admit to infidelity in any relationship they致e had.9
47% of women who admit to infidelity in any relationship they致e had.9
1 in 3922: Approximate odds of profiting in a MLM business.10


Your Pathway to Authentic Success

1. Start Here

Greatest Impact Core Training

The core training is where all members and partners start. This is where you will learn the foundation concepts for everything that we do. Once this is completed, you may be invited to participate in additional programs.

2. Develop

Continue to Grow

Your pathway may include deeply discounted training that will grow to include: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Personal Relationships, Retirement Strategies, Joint Ventures, Smart Investing, Life Coach certification, Smarter Intelligence, Stock Market Trading principles, Stress-free Sales and Marketing, Maximizing your Potential, and much more.

3. Application

Life, Health, Wealth, Relationships

Our objective is to develop super-successful communities and networks in which the smartest and wisest collaborate to build exceptional businesses and investments on top of health, wealth and prosperity for the mutual benefit of all. We emphasize social-responsibility, the eradication of poverty, the rescue of children and much more.

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